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Just like dataview, you can use multiple sources for your data :

  1. Current_folder: this will match all files within the selected folder when creating the database. If you want to change the folder, just move the database to another folder ;
  2. Current folder without subfolders: Just like the previous source, but doesn't recognize notes under subfolders ;
  3. Tag(s): this will match all files with the given tag(s) ;
  4. Incoming_link: this will match all files that have links to the select file ;
  5. Outgoing_link: this will match all files that have links from the select file ;
  6. Dataview: you can put your dataview query (DQL) without the first line TABLE columns as the plugin will autocomplete this part. For example : FROM "folder" WHERE column = "something" SORT column ASC. Use this source if you want to combine multiple tags, links, or folders.

Destination Folders

There are two types of destinations :

  1. Where you will store the database file ;
  2. Where you will store the notes of the database.

If the source is tag/incoming_link/outgoing_link/dataview, you have to choose both types of destinations. But if you right-clicked a folder or the source is current_folder with or without subfolders, everything is stored under one folder, so you'll only choose once.