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Row Number

To help with displaying a lot of data, by default the database displays only 10 rows and allows changing the pages using the numbers displayed in the bottom right or by using the commands DB Folder: Go to previous/next page. You can change the number of rows displayed per page in the database settings under Rows section, or you can change the default number of rows when creating a database in the global plugin settings.

Row Shadow

You can enable or disable alternate row shadowing in the plugin global settings under Rows section.

Row Height

In the database settings underĀ cell size, you can change the row height between 3 options (compact, normal, wide). There is also a global setting under Folder adjustments if you want to change the default behavior.

Row Font Size

You can select the font size of the cells in the database settings, you can set a default font size in the plugin's global settings for all newly created databases.

Row Navigation

You can navigate the cells by using Tab or the arrow keys. You can also edit each one by using the Enter key.

Display Rows From Top to Bottom

If you don't use pagination, you can enable a full pane display of the rows by creating and enabling this CSS snippet. Keep in mind, though, that when enabling the search/filter bar, the last row will not be accessible.

@media {
  .database-plugin__scroll-container {
    will-change: transform;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;