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Welcome to Obsidian Database Folder!

This plugin allows you to create Notion's like databases in your Obsidian Vault.

Using the search engine of the popular Dataview plugin, you can view the content of your notes and edit the fields directly from the table without the need to open the note.

You need to have Dataview installed to use this plugin.

How Can I Add a Database?

There are 3 ways of creating a database:

  1. By executing the command DB folder: create a new database table ;
  2. By clicking on the custom sidebar icon ;
  3. By right-clicking on a folder where you want to store your notes and your database.

How Do I Access Settings?

There are two types of settings (plugin global settings and database settings). You can access the database settings from the obsidian menu or from the obsidian page header or by using the command DB Folder: Open to Database settings. The database settings take priority over the plugin global settings.

How Do I Change the Database Name?

The database is not the name of the note. You have to change the database name and description in the database settings. The name of the database along with the number of rows will be displayed in the status bar.

How Can I View the Markdown File?

You can view the database markdown note by using the command open as markdown in obsidian menu or in the obsidian page header. To re-enable the database view, just close the pane and re-open it again.