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Blank Column

You can add a new column with the + button of the database, or by using the insert right/left in the column menu.

Add From Existing Metadata

The plugin searches all the files included in the source selected for metadata that is not included in the database. Choose from the list provided when clicking on the + button.

Add From All Available Metadata at Once

The plugin can grab all the metadata from all the files included in the selected source and add them all at once. Be aware that this will override any previously created columns, you'll have to configure the columns again.

Add From Template

The plugin can look at only one file (as a template), and grab only this file's metadata as columns. The list of files to choose from is provided from the used source and can be found in the database settings under select file as column template.


You can hide the columns while keeping the underlying metadata by using the column menu or by pressing the + button, where you'll see a list of all the columns (hidden or not).


You can remove the column and remove its underlying metadata by using the column menu. Make sure to enable configuration about columns > remove fields in the plugin global settings or in the database settings.


You can resize columns by dragging the handle at the right of the column header.


To reorder a column, you have to drag and drop it to the specific location you want it to be moved.


You can rename columns by clicking on the column header and changing the selected text.

Sticky First Column

You can make the first column sticky in the database settings to make it always visible even when scrolling horizontally.